Vtiger Crm Instalation Php Pro

Vtiger Crm Instalation Php Pro
vtiger CRM
Hi I need someone to do the following:
1. to install Vtiger on my server
2. to configure all the features so it will work with my outlook, exel, word.
To make one more installation in a subdomain for a testing how will it work in Hebrew and do the following:
1. All the mentioned above
2. Make a theme that can work RTL ( you can find one)
3. Give me all the tables that should be translated , then I will translate this tables
4. Install the Hebrew version
5. Make sure that it works with all the features that I mention above.
6. Teach me how to install the Hebrew version with step by step video.
7. Make me a zip file to use it as many times that I want.

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