Magento Buttons For Preorder

Magento Buttons For Preorder
Buttons Project

We offer our customers the ability to place backorders, pre-order and order items on request. We also would like to be able to have an item listed called Discontinued. We have 4 buttons that were already created that are labeled

Place Backorder
Order On Request

We need to be able to have these buttons able to be selected for particular items, and these buttons need to be displayed to the customer on the front end. These buttons need to be clickable and the customer should be able to add these items to the cart and pay for them like an in stock item. For the discontinued item, the button would NOT be clickable. It would just show discontinued. We do this to generate traffic to the website.

My idea was to have check boxes under the inventory tab inside each item, with the ability to check one of these 4 boxes. If these boxes are checked, the normal “Add to cart” button would NOT be displayed, instead one of the 4 buttons that we choose would be.

We used to have this set up in OS Commerce when a qty was under -1000 the button displayed would be PreOrder. When the qty was -10001 the button would show Discontinued. This worked for Os commerce, but does not work for Magento.

If you have other idea on how this could work, we are open to suggestions, but for now the above idea is what we would like to shoot for.

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