Add Merchant Facility.maybecms

Add Merchant Facility.maybecms
General needs of project:
• Shopping Cart which works with existing merchant facility to be added as a section of website offering services/short courses.
• Easy yet effective CMS for the information pages – can be fitted by final choice or can be fitted by our designer beforehand depending on how you work.
• Simple way for people to track payments if necessary, see what they have paid for etc.
• Needs a NICE looking calendar / short course timetable which can offer the viewer an overview. It will auto-populate as we add new short courses.

Look and feel of the overall website:
• Sleek and functional; making use of attractive yet functional Ajax & jQuery functions
• A modern feel. Web 2.0 – rounded corners etc.
• In should never look like a boring template site (such as something resembling the old php-nuke style box layout that many shopping carts still insist on looking like) – any additions must have some degree of flexibility to fit with our choice of design.

Site appearance will be designed by our graphics person. (This is non-negotiable, so please do not worry or include in offer to design site graphics aswell). Site needs to be able to be a super-functional management system for when we add and remove short-courses (ie: nothing too hard to use, must enable us to add categories, keywords, start and end times etc…)

A CMS is needed to work with our final design, however the actual web-design will be done after speaking with you about what is required of our designer (if you have specific needs & requirements). Also need a CMS that works seamlessly with the shopping cart. Can remain quite flexible, but do not want this site to look anything generic, unattractive or like it was designed in 1995.

Shopping cart must look nice and work in with our pages and style. Does not need to be overly complex, as it will be used as a method of taking payments for services and other merchandise items for sale from time to time. (it is not a massive retail site or anything. would like the option to create categories under which we can list various short courses)

Merchant account is already set up and in existence and the shopping facility will need to work with this. Security is a priority.

Am looking to add an ajax/jQ pop-up box on entering site that asks the user if they need help with search in finding the appropriate course/service. They choose yes or not. Below NO, they can also tick a box saying “No, thanks. Don’t ask again” to prevent it opening in the future.

Please provide links (with logins if live) to any examples of similar things created as necessary. Would like to see some samples. Hoping to get this work done relatively quickly, as people have been asking for it.


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