T-shirt Design Application

T-shirt Design Application
We would like a flash online design tool for implementation in a php webshop. (joomla/virtuemart)

The application must include the following attributes:

A squared field to design within
abillity to upload images into the design
font color, size and type selectabillity
arched text and text rotation (previewable)
Layers and layer ordering

The application must output php variables for us to parse into virtuemart shoppingcart. (product name and price) The design information must be reconstructable with both text information and a graphical preview like a pdf.

We want the entire script, not a .swf/.xml solution.
This is for implementation in our webshop only, not for resale. We ask for the .fla file for future adaptation to other products in the same webshop. If you are do not wish to share the .fla file we will not consider your bid.

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