Update 7 Swfs Without Flas

Update 7 Swfs Without Flas
I need to update a site which has a different SWF for every page (7 pages), but none of the FLA’s are available. You will need to decompile the SWF’s. The changes that need to be made are pretty easy. I need move the current menu buttons up a little and add two more menu button links under them. The pages already exist that they will link to, I just need to add the button links.

I will not send the website URL or files until I have selected a winner. At that point you may review the URL’s before you accept the project. I have included screenshots below so you can get an idea of the flash work. It is pretty simple and I think it will be easy to decompile and update.


There is also one PHP page which needs to be updated. You can bid with or without doing this page. Please specify IN YOUR BID if you don’t want to do this page. Otherwise I will assume that your bid includes fixing this page also. Here’s a screenshot:

Once you accept, I will send the FTP info and you will need to update all the SWF’s as I specify and also upload the FLA’s in CS3 format.

The files should be uploaded directly to the site for review without watermarks or other markings.

All work must be done to the full satisfaction of the end client.

Please ask any questions prior to bidding.


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