Currency Converting Website

Currency Converting Website
Need a website and design made, nothing too flashy simple will do the job.

Heres the job information:

There are 2 version which i will provide information above which ever is easier or possible i would like quote on it.

Users will require to join the website and have an account where they can fund the account , there are able to upload funds on there account through SMS service, i will provide details of sms gateway im using. After they fund their account they can instantly convert the funds into WMZ (Web Money) through my own account webmoney have an invoice or payment system.

Version 2:

Users can buy £5 , £10 , £15 Worth of currency and pay for this using the SMS Billing system or gateway who is a third party this version is more instant without the website having a user or registration process.

I have a small budget but website will need expanding straight after meaning paypal , Liberty Reserve interagation.

I have also seen a script called Blesta which may be able to help ? I dont know you can see yourself.

Would Prefer Good english speaker and if possible when winning bidder is selected MSN Contact preferred or if UK Resident then Mobile Number.

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