Drupal: Email Contacts Module

Drupal: Email Contacts Module
This module purpose aims to build an administration module for managing a contact list of external emails that should be syncronized with registered website users.

Check gui attached and specs document.

Please keep from posting your bid if you don’t have excellent Drupal experience and if you don’t meet these requirements.

Also we ask you to leave a private message with an URL or description of your best and most challenging drupal past experiences.

Working method
After task acceptance you will receive access credentials for working on our webserver.
You should provide status progress update at every request and you should notice us for any problems and doubts about the specs BEFORE than start coding. The specs are not changable during the work and any changement or differences must be agreed with us. Any behaviour that faces against that will be under your own responsability. You have to contribute to make an easy and fast communication by IM (vocal chat if its necessary too). We are fully available to support you in this work, hence we expect it will be an excellent work. We also expect you would provide the right consultancy for making this work better, if it requires.

Project requirements:

– Drupal 6.x
– No core modification allowed.
– good and clean coding with a reasonable drupal friendly logic.

NB: long prospective cooperation could be taken in account for many projects planned for 2010.

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