Phase 2 Classified Script

Phase 2 Classified Script
Task1 :Change Page from “Restaurant Owner Menu”

To “Listing Owner Menu”

Click on listing
edit listings

Task2 Change the default search to Business Name
Click on listing
edit listings

Task3: Change Preview Restaurant to Listing PreviewChoose any listing click on Last Tab.
Click on listing
edit listings

Can you change row under Menu so it changes based on the top level Category
Example –
see picture sent later

Plus: Food and Dining

See the list of category’s from Category tab in Listing.
See picture

Task5 – Change Banner Category List.
I would like to make it so someone can Advertise on a specific Category page. See picture.

Task6 – The search criteria on the page pages are not working correctly. There are 2 types of listings.
Restaurant and Classifieds.
When you are coming from the home page. This is the restaurants section. The Category List should show Food and dining sub categories. If you are on the classifieds you see all other categories.
I guess part of the problem is that we do not show Category and sub category. If add this criteria this might fix it.
Thoughts? See picture Change search to make it work.

Task7: Allow them to scroll through images. Add Prev Next option in window

Task8 – Add the ability to a listing so they you show certain listing options or not on your list. See picture.

Task9 – View Delete need to line up on top of graphics in Images tab in listing see picture

Task10: How difficult would it be to Change directory of script to /classifieds/
see picture


How can we add SEO or SEF pages?
Google does not find any of these listings. Crawlers do not see these listings?

Do we add Keywords to the listings? Can we create some sort of page that dumps these into some sort of page that the search engines can find the listings and this site?

Thoughts? Create mini-pages fort these listings so the site can be found by search engines? Even if we dump Listing details , name,address, city state zip phone, Description, website, listing url, etc? Maybe we create a tool that dumps these ever x number of days?

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