Javascript Bracelet Builder

Javascript Bracelet Builder
I have a website that is currently using oscommerce for the shopping cart software.

I need for a “bracelet builder” to be integrated into the software that works exactly like this:

The bracelets available shown on the initial page would be pulled from the “bracelets” category of the shopping cart database.

The “categories” would be pulled from the existing cart database and would update whenever more categories are added. I would need to be able to exclude certain categories from the bracelet builder though

The section in the middle would pull the products from each category in the database when a category is clicked on.

The click on an item to view the description would work the same way… the product picture, the product ID, and the product name would appear in the lower right corner. All info would be pulled from the database.

The “send mail” button at the bottom would actually become an “add to cart” button and by clicking this all of the products that are on the bracelet, as well as the bracelet itself, would be added to the shopping cart.

Basically, all of the images and content that would populate the javascript bracelet builder would be pulled from the existing shopping cart database so that it will update whenever more products are added automatically.

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