Store Website (eshop) 2

Store Website (eshop) 2
I want to get this made as soon as possible and as proficient as possible. I want my specifications met and I want it completed with in 2 weeks, of accepting a bid! My budget is $200 US Dollars and I will award bonuses. The bidder I except will also be called on each future project. If this one works I am receiving more funding from the business I work for to advance their internet web sales.

The basic Modules in the site.

Admin panel
*Admin Management
*Content Management
*Order Management
*category Management
*Product Management
*Email Management
*User Management
*Affiliate Management

User panel

*Home page
*User account
*Affiliate module
*Inner pages with CMS control
*category & subcategory listing page
*Product Listing page
*Product page
*Registration page
*Shopping cart
*payment gateway integration
*Inquiry form etc

With each affiliate user having their own unique referral link that changes the header banner and specific sections of the site to personalize it with their text and/or images. This will basically allow all affiliates to open their own store with all products and orders coming from my main page. They will make commission.

More detailed information:

Basic Layout
Header – Banner
Toolbar – Home, About, Contact, Shopping Cart
Top Rated Products (banner scrolling product Thumbnails and names to the left)
Join Newsletter – List builder Auto Responder.
Login – To log in as returning customer.
Catalog Navigation – Side Bar
Footer – Home, About, Contact, Shopping Cart, Affiliates
Advertising Space (2 areas – Possibly one as a page peel and one above footer)

Affiliates Area
Header – Banner
Tool Bar – Home, Resources, Settings, Support
Navigation- Side Bar
Advertising Space (2 areas)

Admin Area
Easily Change and Edit Standard Banners, background color and/or images.
Easily edit informations areas on each section (home, about, contact, and other information)
Easily post News and bulletins in the Affiliates Area.
Easily edit and add information, downloads, and resources in the affiliates area.
Easily add Products and information and paypal button for product, assign commission percent for affiliates. Products will be displayed as thumb nails with short desctiption and price in assigned category on the main page. When clicked it will open larger image, description, and customer ratings and reviews. Admin needs ability to monitor and edit or remove each review.

Basically this will be a fully functioning store front that I can Edit the Header banner and information areas along with add products and remove products. Incorperated in my store is an affiliate program where affiliates will be generated a referral link such as with mydomain being my store. I will need to be able to assign commission percentage to each product I add to my store. Affiliates will be able to market their affiliate link however their affiliate link will open the basic website but replace my standard header banner with the one they upload or the Text Name they enter in the color and font they chose. This will make each of them their own store, where they receive all the commission. I want to integrate one other referral program which will have a link in each affiliates resource section, however, I need this to display the link with the id of the person who referred them. For example if my ID is Tommy and the my link is I need to be able to enter my id for this program on the settings as Tommy then the link on all my referrals pages will be
All other areas of the affiliates section will be typical of affiliate programs tracking and monitoring commissions. The store and products need to be easily edited, added to, or altered by Admin. Each affiliates page will be altered with banner and/or text in the header to personalize it. Everything else will remain the same.

This needs to use paypal buttons as means of sale, and track commissions of affiliates accurately after sale is confirmed. I am open to suggestions. I do not want to make this overly complicated.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns/ideas/thoughts!


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