Cms Expert

Cms Expert
I need a programmer to build a custom CMS “shell” for my business. This CMS will need to be unique. This CMS will need to be made so that you can create functions for it with out having to rewrite the CMS.

Right now i’m looking to get the “shell” made, which would include the admin panel and the front end template.

Please note that the programmer who makes this CMS will be called to, to make all the functions for it. So please only bid if you are willing to do more work for us.

Admin Panel will need a secure login, option to enable/disable SSL logins, add/edit/delete admin accounts.

Front End will need a nice template made, since there are no functions yet, you can just provide a basic layout until we develop the functions.

To see if you are reading this discription, please add “1237655” to the bid message.

Please ask all questions via PMB.

Thank you.

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