Eat2go Justeat Clone

Eat2go Justeat Clone
The objective is locating your favorite restaurant, finding restaurant coupons, finding restaurants offering Online Ordering Service, and ordering and paying the food by the site

First i will evaluate who has a similar site, they have priority, if you has some similar site send me the link with the restaurant, admin and customer password, if not, wait i evaluate who sent.

Look the specification below and answer the questions.

1 Client Module
1.1 Manage client data
1.1.1 Personal data Full customer name CPF date of birth Gender
1.1.2 User and password Email (username) Password Retype password Reminder
1.1.3 address Allow register more than one address. It should define what is the default address. Link to seek state, city, neighborhood and street by postal webservice CEP state City District Street / Avenue number Complement Reference point Phone number 2nd phone number
1.1.4 Options Type of cuisine preferred Joined the administration module Receive newsletter credit Register more than one credit card. Mastercard, Visa, Amex
1.1.5 Confirmation by email and encrypts using single web link
1.1.6 Reminder forgotten password via e-mail
1.1.7 Edit customer data
1.1.8 Delete customer data
1.1.9 Confirmation of reading the terms of use and privacy policy The customer only finalize the register is checked
1.2 Manage orders
1.2.1 Process orders A summary of selected items and total value should always be visible for customer
1.2.1 Restaurants list The query should be done by zip code or by district, filtered by state and city. Filters: Kitchen, online. Sort by restaurant name
1.2.2 show if the restaurants are online or offline For restaurants off-line system should allow the scheduling orders
1.2.3 Choose restaurant Joined the administration module
1.2.4 Choose Category Joined the administration module
1.2.5 Choose food Joined restaurant in module
1.2.6 Choose food options Can choose the same food more than once, but with different options. In the options that will be described the values of the food
1.2.7 Checkout The checkout will only be done if the minimum mount required by the restaurant is reached
1.2.8 Check data list all items with the possibility of changing the amount, and delete items Confirm address Choose if pick up the orders in the restaurant or if it delivered. The current address can be edited or changed by another address saved Confirm delivery date and time Can edit the date and time of delivery Choose pay options choose between the payment options saved in a restaurant. Choose a credit card saved in the system. Link with the option of registering a new card
1.2.9 Send orders to restaurant Send via the website, email, sms, printer, fax
1.2.10 Send confirmation to customer After restaurant accept the orders automatically send an confirmation email . If the request is not accepted in 5 minutes will be sent an non-confirmation email.
1.3 Manage favorites foods Can registered the food in your favorites
1.4 Restaurants evaluate customers evaluate the restaurant after receive the orders. Criteria for evaluation: temperature, quality, punctuality, courtesy of the deliverer.
1.5 Orders history list all the orders historys. Filters: Date range, kitchen or restaurant category. With this list we can evaluate the restaurant food or add to favorites. Order by restaurante name or food
2 Restaurant module
2.1 Manage restaurant data
2.1.1 Company data Restaurant name CNPJ Inscrição estadual Logo See site the best look for logos
2.1.2 Restaurant administrator Can save more than one restaurant administrator Restaurant administrator Name CPF date of birth Gender
2.1.3 User and password Email (username) Password Retype password Reminder
2.1.4 address CEP Link to seek state, city, neighborhood and street by postal webservice state City District Street / Avenue number Complement Phone number Phone SMS Fax number
2.1.5 choose the cuisines Joined the administration module
2.1.6 Delivery data Zip code / district Choose Listing saved in the administrative module, payment options Money checks credit Card Payment via the website. Can register one more than credit card Pagseguro Payment via the website. Brazilian gateway Paypal Payment via the website Mastercard Payment via the website Visa Payment via the website Amex Payment via the website Bussiness hours Register bussiness hours:. During the week, weekends and holidays Total time of delivery In minutes, hours or days Minimum value per orders Delivery options Choose from home delivery, pick up or both Data to receive payment from Mastercard, Visa, Amex and PayPal The payment will be billed directly to the restaurant Restaurant coupons
2.1.7 Confirm by email using single web link and encrypts data
2.1.8 Reminder forgotten password via e-mail
2.1.9 Edit restaurant
2.1.10 Delete restaurant
2.1.11 To confirm that the terms of use and privacy policy were read The registration will only be finalized if that field is marked
2.1.12 Send email to system administrator the restaurant saved with the inactive status by default.
2.2 Manage menu data
2.2.1 Manage food Select category Register in administrative module Food name Food description Food weight Food image
2.2.2 Register food options Each food will have several options Option name Option description option price
2.2.3 List all foods List all dishes of the restaurant with the option to add, modify or delete. Order by any of the fields
2.2.4 Enable / disable food
2.3 Restaurant administrators
2.3.1 Register restaurant administrator Can save more than one restaurant administrator Restaurant administrators name CPF date of birth Gender
2.3.2 User and password Email (username) Password Retype password Reminder
2.3.3 Confirmation by email and encrypts using single web link
2.3.4 Reminder forgotten password via e-mail
2.3.5 List all restaurant administrators List all restaurant administrators with the option to add, modify and delete
2.4 Orders
2.4.1 Show open orders List all open orders. The list should contain just the order number and the food name with a link for all other informations. The click automatically show all informations and changes the status from pending to confirmed
2.4.2 show all orders data After summary click described in section 2.4.1 automatically the status order change from pending to confirmed. Show all orders data, food, options, value, payment option, payment data, customer data, etc
2.4.3 order history Show all orders history. Filters: Date Range, category, customer, food, payment options
3 Module administrator
3.1 Managing administrators
3.1.1 Managing administrators List all system administratos. Sort by name. Filters: name, email Register system administrator Full name Email (username) Password Verify password Edit system administrator Delete system administrator Enable / disable system administrator
3.2 Manage customers
3.2.1 Customer list List all customers. Sort by client name. Filters: name, email and cpf Register customers Edit customers Delete customers Enable / disable customers2
3.3 Manage restaurants
3.3.1 Restaurant list List all restaurants. Sort by restaurant name. Filters: restaurant name, cuisine, restaurant administrator and CNPJ Register restaurants Edit restaurants Delete restaurants Enable / disable restaurants
3.3.2 Restaurant administrators list List all restaurant administrator. Sort by restaurant administrator. Filters: restaurant administrator, CNPJ, CPF Register restaurant administrator Edit restaurant administrator Delete restaurant administrator Enable / disable restaurant administrator
3.3.2 Food list List all foods of the restaurants with their options and values. Sort by the name of the dish. Filters: name of dish Registerfood Edit food Delete food Enable / disable food
3.4 Manage cuisines
3.4.1 Cuisines list List all cuisines. Sort by name kitchen Register cuisines Cuisines name Cuisine descripition Edit cuisine Delete cuisine enable / disable cuisine
3.5 Manage categories
3.5.1 categories list List all categories saved. Sort by category name Register categories Category Name category Description Edit category Delete category enable / disable category
3.6 Manage ZIP code
3.6.1 Zip code
3.7 Manage Newsletter Create and send newsletters. Filters: All customers, the customers agreed to receive newsletter and to all restaurants
3.8 Static pages
3.8.1 Restaurants list all restaurants with the brand logo. Filter: Type of cuisine, state, city
3.8.2 Take a tour Illustration of the process
3.8.3 Promotions
3.8.4 Who we are
3.8.5 F. A. Q.
3.8.6 Privacy Policy
3.8.7 Terms of Use
3.8.8 Contact Us Feedback, contacts, etc.
3.9 billing list List billing weekly, monthly and annual all restaurants. Filters: Name of the restaurant and / or billing period (between start date and end date)

  What i need
  Data Dictionary
  Complete access to the database
  Markup language: Java, Ajax, php, mysql or Postgree
  Source code
  At the bottom you should have the name of the development company
  SSl Security
  Integration with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Amex, PAGSEGURO
  Site looks and feels better, join the colors red, yellow and orange
  Translate to Portuguese
  Have you done this type of site ever? Is there any pattern?
  How much will it cost the site?
  What is the development time?
  Schedule development?
  What are the conditions?
  How long support after delivered?
  What is the value of future changes?

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