Database & Forum On Website

Database & Forum On Website
Database and Forum Installation and Integration

Your Qualifications

*Must be comfortable working with Sites of an Adult/Mature nature.
*Must be fluent in HTML
*Should/can be familiar with CSS
*Experienced with SSH Protocol
* mysql Database programming
* Database .tpl templates
* Forum development (Front & Back-end)
*Should have all work completed in approx. 14 days (give or take a few days).
*Project is completed when site is launched.

I am looking for Mysql programming specialists only. The more previous experience the better.

Do not reply to this project if you do not meet these qualifications, be honest.
(No WebEditor services required or desired. So do not respond to this project please.)

Requirements Of Work

1. Site Front End Plan: I have done 85% of the work already as HTML pages.
2. Site Back End Plan: Mysql Database Installation & Integration. Database should include a change Admin password from within the Admin. Interface.
3. Forum Installation: I want a forum just like:
4. Forum Integration: I need front and back end help setting it up
5. Work should be constructed and housed upon my server space which I will provide FTP access to.

1. Front End Plan:

– Show number of comment(s) for all picture gallery images
– Integrate the current site into the php system
– Show all comments below all picture images
– Leave a comment form below all picture images

2. Back End Plan:

– Database installation and integration
– Database should be fully editable (ie Headers, body, footers)
– Add/Del and Edit
– Add/Del and Edit Gallery Images
– Manage Comments
– Manage Articles or link and integrate existing .html articles/pages into the php system/site.
– Add/Edit/Delete Template Header, Footer and body templates
– Ability to Add Further Templates/Pages As Needed.
– Manage Picture Gallery
– Add a Simple Contact Form which forwards to my e-mail?
– Integrate existing pages and galleries as needed: refer to…
– Leave a comment form below all picture images and have it editable/manageable
– Add a simple .htaccess file to prevent sites from hot-linking to site images.
– The reason I want everything editable, is that I can be self reliant as a Graphic Designer. I also write my own HTML code is all site designs, and do not use a any Web Editors. It’s all from scratch. I also desire to do all possible data entry. Site needs to be editable so it may be expandable, and change accordingly over time.

3. Forum Installation and Integration ( I want a user-friendly forum very similar to:

– Forum Installation
– Forum Features: Topic Categories, Rules lists, Account Users Can attach or Add or attach images to their posts, Account users can create their own Galleries. I’d like to know what other types of popular Addons are available to select from.
– As I have little experience with Forum construction, I need helping setting it up, and co-ordinating site colors and logos into the Forum.

4. Support: In the event I didn’t mention something, you should be flexible with time table, and ensuring site is ready to launch. So problem solving, good communication with me, and implementing changes as required including script fine tuning and corrections of errors.

5. Payment
All payments by escrow account. $100 into your escrow account to begin, another $100 halfway through job, and balance upon site launch (completion).

6. More details available via PMB

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