Whmcs Or Amember Integration

Whmcs Or Amember Integration
I want to integrate my scripts into a whmcs product.. When the user subscribes I want a subdomain creating all my product files to be installed in that subdomain directory. Also it will need to create a table or run a cron job to run a script that creates that table based on the subdomain name.

I have already created the scripts needed to created the directories and mysql tables and place needed product files into a directory but this processes needs to be automated at sign up.
I would like my admin and registration areas to function like the examples below. I have already created the layout so you can ignore the example design and layout.

Example Admin Area
http://demo.warlists.com/ (Click admin area)

Example Registration

1. Member subscribes
2. Member chooses subdomain name
example: http://subdomain.mysite.com (whcms)
example: http://mysite.com/user_directory (amember)
3. Directory and mysql table created. (script already finish)
4. admin access for http://subdomain.mysite.com/admin.php
5. Make it possible to save, load, clear, mysql_table.
6. Show stored saved mysql tables files on admin page. (saved_name.sql)
7. Subscription expires subdomain.mysite.com Locked or deleted.

Also to save, load, and clear mysql tables. The methods i was using were…
These methods will not work on shared hosting so I would just like another method or work around.

If more details are needed please send me a message. This should be a simple project.

Looking for bids around $30-$100 this should be a small project because it is almost completed. I just need automation and a few add-ons.

I have already written the scripts used to create the directory and mysql tables. Just my need a cron job to run it at signup.

Also if you would like to do this with a custom paypal IPN based on subscriptions I was looking at that.

***Will only select bids who will contact me to discuss project details.

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