Php Form Similar To Psd2html

Php Form Similar To Psd2html
I have a few sites and need a psd to html type of form for customers. One part of the script should be on all sites with different configurations within each site. The input will be coming from these “dummy domains” posted to my master site. The master site will need some sort of security key that should be the md5 of the dummy site’s ip submitted via hidden input field and checked via ref on the master and compared to actual ip to prevent hackers of submitting, this is very important i will explain further via private chat.

It should also grab the default values like price, options, and timeframe in hours for each possible input selection, from a file or from a simple template on my master site so if i change pricing per any form input types it reflects on all my dummy sites. Script will require collapsing fields depending on user selections so java will be required and attachments and such and will work similar to psd2html but with more values for other options. It would be nice to have a upload progressbar/timer also and that uploads attachments to master site without needing to submit the form. Using cron we can clear uploads if submission is never completed.

The html part of the form is already coded but again javascript/ajax will have to be implemented to hide some boxes and calculate pricing and time total in days+hours it will take depending on options selected.

Script will have to bring user back to the site he was from after paypal payment (paypal ipn). Script will have to send out mail to 3 emails one set from the dummy site’s config with some details after paypal payment is confirmed via ipn or the api very important to be after, one to the master site email with all details about download location, submitted info, etc. This doesn’t have to be after paypal checkout. I still have to have something on master site telling me if the payment went through, maybe in the end of the txt summary or what ever see below. One will be sent to client naturally after payment has been received confirming order with other details.

The attachments will have to be put in a different specific folder for each different dummy domain on the master site and attached will be a txt summary of all what was submitted also of all the inputted details, in case the email ever fails. Each submission should create a new auto incrementing folder also in the proprietary folder and file names of attachments should have a prefix for each file submit field they were submitted from. Please reply with i’m not generic in first sentence of you bid on project so i know who i’m working with.


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