Psd To Php/css

Psd To Php/css
(please refer to 1270092442)

On the homepage – look at waldio.jpg you will see a big

I need all the fonts to be exact to the PSD.

Stretch the header bg like all my other sites, same with the footer and center site

Instructions: Home Page

I want the waldio logo to be a link back to the index.php page.
I want login going to login.php (which i need you to do)
I want join to go to join.php (which i need to to do)
I need search to look like it is. (look at jpgs)

– in the psd there is folder called “header” in the psd
if you expand that you will see “On rollover” folder, click the ‘eye’ on it to turn it on, you will now see what ALL the roll overs for the top should look like including the search field.

Middle Area:
“hello there. meet waldio” should be able to change
the big picture of the show, that should rotate to different pictures that I put in there, I want to be able to change it out and add a flash movie if I want to.

Right Side Bar: (INCLUDES FOLDER!)
“whats going on here?”
all that should be able to edit.
I want to be able to expand.

“learn more” and “theme shop” should all link and have a hover.

Ad by Waldio:
I want to be able to manage those ads so i need them to be
able to add like 50 and they all rotate.

“Recent Work | Currrent Work”

I want to be able to edit those images, if you look at the top
middle you will see one with a brown border that will be the hover
for these. When you click on one of these pictures it should go to that page i made for it, I will need u to do a dummy one.

Also I want the footer to come up if there is not enough room on the pageso its not just a bunch of white below the content so it needs
to be able to move up and down.

Example: waldio_join.jpg see all the white under sign up box? the footer could move up a little so there isnt so much white between content and footer.

You will see “advertise your site here” I need that to be a link
with a white rollover similar to the link on the right side that says “about”.

I need all those links to hover on the left, and the bottom of nav.

There is a little “W” circle at the bottom that links to the homepage on click.

The advertisement I need to do what I do above wheer I can have
50 ads and they just rotate.

you should have an idea for the rest of the pages

all pages Should have their OWN side bar where I can change them.


Login/ Join Pages

When they sign up, give them the option to enroll on the newsletter
all this is saved somewhere and they use the “login’ field to login
to the site. When they are logged in I need the top where it usually says “who are you?” to say “Welcome” and where it says “login join” to saytheir name they used.

I NEED ALL THIS INFORMATION SAVED!! that they fill out. I need to know if they selected the “Yes i want to sign up for the newsletter” part as well.

if you read this reply back and write “gowaldio!” as the top of your post..

I need this in 24/48 hours!

Do good work I will have more jobs for just xhtml/css.

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