Including Account Subscription

Including Account Subscription

i need a account subscription feature for an existing video sharing site.

At the moment users can watch videos without registration and payment.

Subscription should work like this:

– User shouldn’t be able to watch and download videos without account subscription.

– If they click on a video they should be redirected to registration form

– It have to be added the payment option in actual registration form.
Payment Gateway should be FilePayment.
Choose boxes for the following subscription option:
Year (Price)
Month (Price)
(In admin area it should be possible to control the prices and to control which option is ON/OFF on the site)

Important: User should get only access to his account, if payment is done. The account should expire after the time for which he paid is over. But their should be an option for him to reactive his account with a subscription payment.

Also we have to activate this settings for the existing users.

Hope someone can help!

Payment after job is completely finished.

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