Phpprobid Auction Script Mod

Phpprobid Auction Script Mod
I am about to purchase the PHP Pro Bid auction script (see full demo at and need to modify how seller’s auction listing fees are paid. Currently, seller can either “pay as you go” or I can use accounting mode like eBay does and bill sellers. I don’t want to use either; I want sellers to buy pre-paid “credits” then use them to pay listing fees.
I need to have a place in admin where I can set different “packages” of credits (for example, you can buy 10 credits for $10 or 20 credits for $20 and so on – similar to the way a penny auction works.) Sellers will then have a “bank” of credits assigned to their account to pay for listing fees. The ability to add funds to a sellers account is already possible with the existing script so this shouldn’t be too difficult.
I also need to install the following mods to the script, and the work done must be compatible with these mods:–Raffle-System-for-PHPProbid-v607&auction_id=1492
Thank you for your bids, previous experience with PHPProBid is a plus, I look forward to working with you!

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