Website Fixes & Cleanup.

Website Fixes & Cleanup.
I have a website at which I would like to have the following items done:

1. the new user registration page is all in one piece, I’d like to convert it from it’s current form: ( doesn’t need to look exactly like this, but the flow should be the same). The google checkout stuff currently works, and there is code there to get the twitter oauth credentials, but it’s not in the current page.

the registration page should:
a) collect basic user information
b) get twitter oauth info (you can use existing code here)
c) authorize google checkout (you can use existing code here)
d) finally, then it will redirect to profile.php when complete.
e) user should now be logged in and there should be a session established
f) info should be inserted into db

to something that looks like this:

2. pages, mainly profile.php, should retain functionality and continue to work, and correctly show the information in the db.

These are mainly cosmetic changes, but information is currently being stored in the incorrect columns, and the twitter stuff oauth stuff needs to be-reintegrated into the login (just get the oauth key).

and the original project description at:

You will be provided with a tar/gz including the php source as well as a sql dump of the db generated by mysqldump.


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