An Online C Code Repository

An Online C Code Repository
Project Language PHP

Project Description
Part 1: Create an online ‘C’ Code repository site that allows users to view C code prepared and uploaded by other users. Certain priviledged users can upload C code. On the upload of the C code, it must open in an editor to allow editing. After the user has edited the code, there must be a validate option. On click of this button, etc., your C code should be validated and syntax errors should be highlighted.
Syntax errors such as:
• Missing Brackets
• Missing semi-colons
• Variables not declared before use
• Correct spelling of reserved words, etc.

These errors should then be corrected before a “Save” option is selected. Upon save, the application should check to see that the code was corrected before saving. If the code was not corrected, it should prompt for it to be corrected.
Attention should be paid on how the C code in the repository is organised or catogarised for viewing.
Part 2: Create a forum that allows users of the site to commuincate on different issues pertaining to C and C programming. It should facilitate posting of topics, emails, editing of topics, user profiles, replys to topics,etc.

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