Fullscreen Image Bg Rotator

Fullscreen Image Bg Rotator

We need someone to create a full-page photo background with fading transition, to rotate a series of photos randomly. We want something exactly like www.fordmodels.com

This can be done in Flash, jQuery, or javascript. The photos are vertical (tall and not wide) so we will need them to repeat horizontally (but not vertically). The images will need to be automatically resized to fit the user’s screen (just like on www.fordmodels.com).

The images in the slideshow are managed through a page in our admin control panel. The admin uploads the images to the server using that page in our control panel, so your solution needs to be able to pull the images out of the folder on the server (for example, if you decided to use flash, then the images will need to load via an XML feed).

When the page loads, the first image will be preloaded. Then while that image is being displayed, the browser should begin downloading the next images. The script should only display those images that are 100% loaded.

The main challenge is that we have a header and footer which need to float on top of the background .They are php includes (but I suppose you could re-create them as static div’s or as part of your Flash file if you decide to use flash).

We already have a test site up at http://tonnmodel.com.p11.hostingprod.com/. You can see that the rotating backgrounds are working, but the images are not being resized properly.

Please submit a bid and be able to start NOW. This needs to be done within 10 hours.

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