Debt Settlement Management

Debt Settlement Management
Project Title: Debt Settlement Software

Website will be used as a CRM and also functional debt settlement tool.

Client information will be stored in a database. There may be the need for social security numbers so high level encryption of the databases is essential.

The basic functionality will allow the creation of clients in the system and then add a list of creditors for the client. There will then need to be an accounting feature for each client so when payments are made to each creditor they can be tracked.

There will also need to be a section which allows for template letters to be printed. The template should automatically be able to include specified information from each user and create a pdf file to be printed. Also the ability for the user to be able to create templates manually and use references to pull up information from the clients database file would also be necessary.

Programmer or company must be available by phone and email during the hours of 9-5 EST time. If you are overseas and would not be available during these times please DO NOT BID. It will be necessary for there to be instant communication so we are not willing to work on an overnight schedule.

Experience in financial or accounting type of projects is also a requirement. Please post any questions.

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