Scripting For Classified Ad

Scripting For Classified Ad
I am building a classified ad website and need someone to write the scripts. I already have the template designed. I want it to fuction kind of like hoobly or Kijiji. What I need is for a variety of customers to be able to create an account, so they can login and place items for sale. I want to have a “place ad” or “sell” button set up so that it can be clicked and it takes you to a form that the customer has to put their name, location, what kind of item they are selling and a description of what they are selling. I will have about 20-30 different categories for the customer to choose from. The customer will also have to input the price and their contact information. Then there will be a submit button and a Captcha. Once they hit the submit button, I need a payment form with button and a Captcha to be the next step. After they fill out the payment form. Once they enter the payment information and hit the submit button. I need to collect the payment and post their ad. I need their ad to be automacticly sent to a certian category and self update the site or the category. Now, this site is will have people looking to buy items coming to it. These people do not have to have a login. I want it so that they can browse the site freely. So they can find the items they are looking for. I also want to protect the my customers login information. Below I have icluded some examples of how I want the site to function. My template has is more custom and looks and completely different.

I want my site to funtion like above, but my layout is simular to the following site.
If you need more information please contact me.

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