Shopify Program Help 2

Shopify Program Help 2

I have a problem that is impossible for me to solve but probably very easy for a skilled programmer.

I have a shopify site (see e-commerce website that works great. Typically on shopify clients can pay for the products through various options: visa, paypal etc. This is where my problem lies.

My website is finance only which means I need for my site to transport my clients instead to a ” secured finance application” currently shopify does not have his option and this is what I need for my store to open. I have already had a finance application made. But need help connecting it to my website.

To get an idea of what I am talking about you can go to my site Also to know more about the inner workings of shopify go to

This is what I need from the programmer

1. Make my application a “secured” application.
2. Make some adjustments in my application (I’ll explain this to who I hire)
3. Connect the application with my website

Thank You,
P.S. I will also need (in the next 2 weeks) some seo work done for me! But this application problem is my priority now.

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