Ecommerce Developer

Ecommerce Developer
Hi Guys,

This is REX, and I need a website, which would be more likely a web-platform. In my website i want features like ::

1. Any one who registers with my website will be able to list items on my webpage.

2. There would be a login form and registration can be done via verification of email. id.

3. I would have the access to the database and would be able to make changes I:E I can either deletd a user’s account or can restrict some features .

4. The person the list the product instantly on the page and It would generate a unique item number for the same.

5. Payment tie up is with paypal so there would be tabs for payment via paypal.

For reference , I need exactly a page which looks like this::

Hi All,

I own the website that I purchased from php probid and the same needs to be re-designed and developed as per the PRD mentioned in the URL.And it must work independently . The escrow payment mentoh would be used in the web-developement.

Let me know the project cost.


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