Web Site With Admin Panel

Web Site With Admin Panel
I need site for mortgage content, should include logo, customizable buttons, the database for the form is set up, I need an upgradable admin panel as I will add features in the future.

I have atatched a file of what the basic layout should look like,

1- head/logo

2-roll over buttons for other pages

3-left column- testimonials added from admin panel

4-right column- news letter sign up area

5- script that shows how many banks are signed up in the database

6- script that tells how many mortgage requests todate
7-tell us your story- customers can add thier expierience posts to another page

8-center column
a-updatable text from admin panel
b-loan app- 2 drop down 1 text area for customers to start thier application. get started button takes them to the rest of the app attatched.
c-center text area controled in admin area
d- banner rotator controled in admin area
e-30 text links controled in admin
f- footer

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