Ecommerce Add On

Ecommerce Add On
I’m willing to pay $140-$200 for this work. It must be done in 15 days or less.

Application Functions

1)Groupon Functionality
1. Simple & Easy to use webpage to add onto current site built using standard/open source tools
2. Ability to post new deals with following info: deal info, end date/time countdown, min/max order, discount, purchases/purchases needed to activate deal..
3. Option to share the deal on facebook, twitter, email. Refer a friend.
4. Allow cutomers to sign in using Facebook connect and/or login using our already existing login system
5. Facilitate customers to sign-up for a daily e-mail alert
6. Generation of the coupon for successful bids
8. Facilitate secure payment option with direct credit card transactions. Paypal support.
9. User portal which can store groupons bought, payment information.etc

Design of tab

Functions of Website

Admin can log in to admin area

Admin can manage users
Admin can view complete list of users, can delete, disable/enable users

Admin can schedule a deal
Admin can create deal by filling starting date, duration of the deal (in hours, could be more
than 24h), price/number of buyers required, original price, minimal number of groupons and
other fields as described in “Visitor can see a today’s deal”. Optionally Youtube link could be
provided. Scheduled deal will be shown at “Today’s deal” page on provided date. Admin can
manage list of deals, cancel scheduled or active deals.

Visitor can sign in.
Email (to use as login) as well as Paypal email, if differs. User has option to subscribe to “Daily

Visitor can sign in using Facebook connect.
Same as “Visitor can sign in”, but Facebook connect is used to populate user profile.

Visitor can log in using Facebook connect.
Facebook connect is used for authentication if user has active Facebook account.

Visitor can see a Today’s deal.
“deal name” including area with current cost of groupon, area with original value of product (“Value”), discount and savings, area “Time Left To Buy” with live countdown,”groupons bought”
area with number of groupons bought, number of groupons needed to the deal to be valid, number
of groupons left, deals banner, “The Fine Print” area, ”Highlights” area. Next large area is for
providing company, including message from the company, company details, optional video,
external reviews and site owner comments. There is a thumbview of “Side deal” on the right.

Visitor can see past deals.
Same as “Today’s deal”, countdown is replaced by end date, and only total number of purchased
groupons is shown. User can still buy groupon if deal is open/active.

User can buy groupon.
On pressing “Buy” button user is directed to confirmation page, where in “Your purchase” area
there are title of groupon, editable quantity, groupon price and total.
In “Payment” area there are list of Ccs set in profile to use, also “Cardholder Name”, “Card
Number”, “Security code”, “Expiration date”, “Billing address”, “City”, “State/province”, “Postal
code” to provide new CC number.
In “where would you like us to send your receipt?” area there is a “email” field.
There are “Complete my order” button and “Never mind” link. On pressing “Complete my order”
button groupon is assigned to user. If new CC was specified, it is added to user profile.

Visitor can buy groupon and sign in at the same time.
Same as for “User can buy groupon”, with addition of “Personal information” area with “Full
name”, “Email”, “Password”, “Password confirmation”, to autocreate new account on “Complete
my order button”

User can view/edit her profile.
On user profile page there are avatar image, name, list of email addresses (manageable), password,
time zone and manageable list of Ccs. Ccs fields are same as for “User can buy groupon”.

User can view/manage her groupons.
User is presented list of groupons, with “Title”, “Price”, “Status” fields. User can sort list by any
field. User can cancel groupons with “Ordered” status.

User can print coupon associated with specific purchased groupon.
By clicking on groupon with “Purchased” status user is presented with a view of coupon and
“Print” button. Pressing button results in printed coupon. Printed coupon must have tracking ID
(most likely hash based on a user profile) and unique serial number on it to prevent naive abuse.

Users are charged for ordered groupons when countdown reaches zero and total
number of ordered groupons is not less then necessary minimum.
Ccs provided for purchase are charged, corresponding groupons get “purchased” status and links to
print coupons. Purchase notifications are sent to provided email addresses. For past deals which are
still active user is charged immediately.

Ordered groupons are canceled if countdown reaches zero and total number of
ordered groupons is less then necessary minimum.
Cancellation notifications are sent to provided email addresses.

User can share a deal on Facebook/Twitter

Admin can view a printable list of purchased coupons for specific deal
A list of tracking Ids for specific deal, handed to the Merchant for the purpose of preventing abuse.

Application sends “Daily alert” email based on template once per day
Users who subscribed to “Daily alert” will get notifications as new deals are added.

This work will require installation and modification of the design that the client wants.

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