Php Script Edit -expert Needed

Php Script Edit -expert Needed
I need someone to look the php file that was created for my Magento cart site and (see attachment .php file). Currently using the script it will pull only 5225 max and this script requires that I set my server php membory limit to 512Mb for it to work. Also, the quantity is pulling not true quantity of a product but if it’s either in stock (1) or not in stock (0).

The obvious troubleshooting has been done. i.e. I have edited just the values ( memory_limit and batchsize ) in the godatafeed.php script and didn’t change anything.

Deliverables must include:

1. successful pull of entire product catalog feed to (a new pull will be processed by daily so catalog must be updated to newest products)

2. using server php memory set at 60mb or LESS no more.

3. A product quantity an item should show combination of all “affiliated” products (or child products). Currently it only shows 0 or 1 depending on if its in stock or not – this is not what i need.

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