Html And Php Coding Easy Job 2

Html And Php Coding Easy Job 2

I am looking for an “HTML & PHP” (Expert-Coder)that can do the following for me:

1. Edit some HTML Coding on a (Landing Page Template) and Add some Codes that will make it do what I want done. Actually, it’s VERY VERY EASY to do. Please understand I can do this and I am not a Coder.

*Note: I will also give you (Exact) Instructions on what to do and how to do it, you just need to do it.

I personally ‘am very busy and do NOT have the time for it, that’s why I need you to do it.

2. I will also give you a (PHP- Script) which you just need to plug-in the Body of the Raw-HTML and make it work properly. This is VERY EASY to, because I will give you the exact PHP-Script and Instruction.

–Once you get it to work properly, it shout “Populate” and work with my Landing Page smoothly. Then all you have to do is, just (Upload) it to my server.

*I am looking for a Dependable, Competent, Experienced, Efficient, and Coder that Communicates well with me and give me updates right way. If you can’t communicate well and quickly, please do NOT bid.

I expect this Job to be done within 1 hrs Max, it’s so easy as I mentioned before, so it should not take you long “If” you know what you are doing.

**Also, this will be an (On-Going) Project/Work, because I will be needing this work on several projects that I am running. Basically, the Job or Project will be based on (Per-one Campaign). In one Campaign, I may have 2 to 4 Landing Pages that need the Coding work mentioned above.

Anyways, Give me your Bid. But make sure to Bid Competitively.


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