Installing Reddit Opensource

Installing Reddit Opensource
Reddit has gone Opensource as you already know.
Source code and installation details from start to finish are available here:

Here is a list of sites already running this script, so I believe it’s fully functioning.

I’m looking for the right developer for whom this should be a simple install, and I expect the site to be ready to run when project is delivered.

The website will be in Arabic language, so the DEFAULT interface language setting should be switched to “Arabic” [“language” button on top right corner of their website”]
and that’s it, No fancy customizations, no CSS tweaks, just a fresh install of the same fully running script.

I’m not a web developer in the least.
Please Look at the code and see if an experienced web designer with some knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS (myself) can run this script and at least be able to add, edit and delete categories, mark comments as SPAM, tweak the CSS a little on his own. I assume they have an admin or control panel in the back end, right? Please let me know, otherwise I’m afraid I cannot use it.

Paypal is my preferred method of payment.
Thank you.

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