Website Cleanup & Minor Fixing

Website Cleanup & Minor Fixing
I have a website at which I would like to have the following items done:

1. Have the new user page re-done:
– remove javascript
– replace js validation w/ php validation & quotmeta type functions
– ensure that this is inserted to db correctly
2. profile.php page re-do/fixes:
– correctly shows the correct data in the db in the correct column
– remove javascript & move validation to php

pages should retain functionality and continue to work. I’m not a javascript person so I don’t want to deal with this myself, but if this was perl->php or c->c# or some equivalent, it would probably take me four or five hours (being generous) to buffer that time and for reasonable expectations, lets multiply that by 2.5, so about 10 hours worth of work.

Please contact me with any questions or comments. You can see the current site at:

and the previous project description at:


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