Joomla/comp Copy A Site

Joomla/comp Copy A Site
I’m looking for someone to create a component/modules/plugins for joomla that allows me to have all the features of the site plus some small additions.

The site basically runs videogames online tournaments for a fee.

I need this:

– Users will be able to purchase credits from the site paying via paypal or credit card. For example (10 credits / $ 10)
– Across the claims users can subscribe to various tournaments.
– Each tournament will have a variable jackpot to be shared among the winners.
– At the end of the tournament site administrator will close the tournament, at that point will be automatically allocated credits to the winners.
– A tournament, in addition to credits, even assign scores updating various rankings (rankings for the game, overall rankings, etc..)
– Each tournament will have its own dedicated board.
– Of course the administrator will manage everything with ease from the backend
For the rest just look at the site

I can provide:

1) A joomla component that allows manage credits (Jvodes)
2) A joomla component that allows to subscribe tournaments ( Dtregister)
3) A php software that manages videogames online torunaments via payment fees with paypal.

These software are disconnected from each other but could perhaps be useful


Refrain wasters, I have recently been fraud, I do not want it repeated.
I need a serious person to update me every day and has the highest willingness to follow my directions.

I also need someone to 90% will help me in the future for updates and maintenance.

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