Site Coding

Site Coding
We currently have a script where our members can sign in to a members area and add information to a database, the users can search this database using a search box (for example they can enter the email address and search on that) as long as they have something to search for.

i would like to add a feature called ‘groups’ which will allow our users to come together online and openly share the information they post with other members of the group, the advantage of being in a group over just posting to and searching the db is that the identity of the poster is shown to other members of the group and that the information is scrollable (shown in a list online) instead of just searchable where you need something first to search on as it is now) our users will be able to print off copies of the posts (not all the details just the basics) in a list format as well.

I estimate about 2 hours to evaluate the skins and to understand fully the task, then 20 hours of coding work followed by bug checking with myself. All the skins/designs are currently mounted ready to be coded (theres just a few small edits such as text colour changes here and there) we needthis doing asap.

We need someone who can start immediately, ive attached a file which describes things in more detail.

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