Changes To Cubecart

Changes To Cubecart
The current system I use is CubeCart 4.3.8, if you are not familiar with this system, please move along.

Account Details
User is able to select their vehicle in the my account section (if they already haven’t done so) and users who have just registered will be required to select their vehicle upon registering or upon first login, whichever is easier for you, and later on, their vehicle can be changed.

Search by Vehicle
This system will allow customers to select what vehicle they have, the system will then search for parts to suit customers vehicle, keywords matching engine type or vehicle model.

If they are already logged in, and they have a vehicle added to their profile, all they will have to do is click on [Search My Vehicle]

Member Garage
This section will allow users to show off their rides, but this will only be applicable to users who have uploaded 1 or more pictures of their ride. Each members page will have sections specific sections, like.. Handling, Performance (Engine, Fuel, Cooling, Turbo & Exhaust, Electronics, Gearbox/Transmission, Turbo (if applicable)), Sound System, Interior, Exterior.

I also want it to use Lightbox to view pictures clicked on in the members garage.

A view count of each members page and other members will be able to register, comment and rate rides.

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