Cms Needed

Cms Needed
Okay lisen up, this is going to be a large project so please read the requirements and ask questions before bidding on this project.

I need a custom built PHP/MySQL CMS. This CMS will have to tie into a preexisting desktop CMS’s MySQL database by using its tables.

This desktop CMS is called Smart Launch. Google it, download it, learn it because this CMS you are creating will be using its MySQL database.

Okay here’s whats needed…

Full Admin back end able to edit or change anything the CMS offers.
Post News with options of categories. (ties into smartlaunch)
Post Articles with options of categories.
Make FAQ with options of categories.
User management, Create/Register/Ban/Delete. (ties into smartlaunch)
Full Forums.
Post new Games with options of categories. (ties into smartlaunch)
Full Photo Gallery with options of subgalleries.
Full Video Gallery with options of subgalleries.
Game/Voice Server Monitoring.
Tournament Bracket system (up to 50players/teams).
Event Calender.
Booking system. (ties into smartlaunch)
Google XML Sitemap Gen.
Flash XML Image Slider on homepage.
Full e-commerce. (ties into smartlaunch)
Network a live camera.
User Membership system. (ties into smartlaunch)
Sidebox control.
Display users online in LAN center users. (ties into smartlaunch)
Users can edit profile. (ties into smartlaunch)
Users can upgrade and pay their membership fees online. (ties into smartlaunch)
Web 2.0 template (will provide details to winning bidder).

If you feel you need to use open source (ex. Php-fusion, zen-cart), this is okay, but there will be a lot of code editing to make it work with smartlaunch.

IM, Email and Phone(English) only, contact is required.

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