Jquery Drag N Drop Menu Set

Jquery Drag N Drop Menu Set
We are looking for an experienced jQuery / PHP programmer to make a modification of this code. Else programmed from scratch using jQuery or similar.


It is to reorder menu items in a CMS using drag and drop. The initial menu will be drawn using PHP and then the drag and drop is provided with jQuery. The project has 2 requirements:

1. We must be able to decide how many levels it can work to. So if we’ve got a menu that only supports 1 level (i.e. no submenus) we should provide a variable the value 1 and it will only allow items to be moved up and down. If we provide the variable a value of 3, it will allow you to drag into 3 levels. Or any number of levels.

2. On pressing a button, the menu table in our database should be updated. So the menu needs to be grabbed in its current state using jQuery and converted to an array which can be saved into the database, possibly using ajax.

Ideally it would save the ID of the menu item, its’ parent ID (0 if top level) and its order within that parent. That would be enough information to redraw the menu.

Any questions, please ask.

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