Admin Image Upload Tool

Admin Image Upload Tool
This project involves extending an existing basic admin tool. The requirement is to add an image upload tool. The images will only be JPG and will only be uploaded to one directory.

The user must be given the option to select and upload multiple files (rather than one at a time). Upon submitting, they should be shown a progress bar (optional: would be good to have an estimated time of completion if possible). Upon completion, the user should be presented with a list of uploaded files – they should be given the option to rename any files (as part of this process, a link should be provided to preview the image to allow the user to identify the image). The renaming process should be done using AJAX for user friendliness.

Once complete, the user should submit the changes and be returned to the admin home page.

There is a pre-existing security set-up in place protecting the admin script so this will not need changed. This script is on a shared server so there is a limit to the changes to the PHP configuration that can be made.

Please see the attached (basic) diagram of the process for more information.

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