We’re looking for a sitebuilder application so we could provide our customer the service to build their own website.

– Customer must be able to check if a domain is still available and must be able to register a domain and a hosting package. This account will be connected to the website.
– Customer can choose from a few templates and change almost everything from this template like they want, so change colours, images, dimensions, etc.
– Also a beginner must be able to work with the solution, so the solution should be very customer-friendly and easy to use.
– Ticketsystem.
– De solution must be SEO friendly, so SEO friendly url’s, meta-tags (keywords, description, titles, etc) and html valid.

Backend administrator
– We as administrator should have the possibility to manage all customers. (All customer information, connection website with server and domain, date package, bill, etc.)
– We must be able to add templates and modules.

Backend customer
– Customer must be able to log in into their account.
– Customer must be able to manage their account.
– Customer must be able to choose a template from a couple of example templates.
– Customer must be able to change colours, images, dimensions of the template.
– Customer must be able to place modules in positions of the template they want to.
– Customer must be able to add/edit (sub)menu items.
– Customer must be able to add/edit content of the pages with an editor. They should have the ability to change fonts, styles, add pictures, tables, hyperlinks, etc.

Some standard modules must be included in the solution:

– Photoalbum
– Forms: Customer should have the possibility to create their own forms, which need to be send to their email address.
– Poll
– Searchfunction
– Newsletter
– Blog
– Guestbook
– Webshop: must be very extended: detailed description, several photo’s, in stock or not, possibility to import articles in database, paymethod with iDeal, etc…

Do you have such application we could buy, maybe after some adjustments? Or are you able to build this kind of applications please contact us with your price.

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