Wp Post Template Mods

Wp Post Template Mods
I need some help modifying a custom post template in WordPress – and since the previous programmer isn’t responding, I’m putting out for public bidding.

The before.jpg image shows what the page looks like now – the after.jpg shows what it needs to look like … specifically ….

1. The “Selected Resources” content box needs to be aligned with the right hand edge of the video and the gap between it and the “From The Episode” box reduced to accommodate the move.

2. The comments box needs to be styled to match after.jpg

3. We’re using the SimplePress forum plugin and we need to be able to pull in one of the forums and display it as per the “In The Forums” box in after.jpg

There are two additional projects available to the successful bidder if they are able to complete the work within 24 hours.

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