Search Script For Sphinx

Search Script For Sphinx

I paid a developer to install sphinx and make a search script, but its not completed the way I wanted.
The sphinx and database optimizing is perfect, extremly fast results. However, the search script is not working as I want.

I need a professional php EXPERT to help me make/correct that search script.
Need to search a database (using SPHINX) with 10GB of data, so you NEED to know what your doing (coding and speed wise).

– Sphinx has already been installed on the server and running fine.
– The search script need to use sphinx.
– The website is updating a lot of different blogs with new daily content, pulled from the database.

I need a function to do the following:

Function: search($keywords,$blogid,$limit)

– A user query the database to get a new article, based on one or more keywords.
– The article is being pulled from the table: “articles”.
– The article title or keywords need to match atleast one of the words in $keywords ($keywords = keyword1,keyword no 2,keyword3 etc), this is done with sphinx.
– The user only get articles which he have not received to his blog before (which means, the script need to check the other table to see if there is a $blogid and articleID match).

This is a string containing one or more keywords, seperated by comma.
example: “$keywords = “keyword1, keyword2,keyword number 3″”

This is a string containing the id of the blog requesting a new article, numeric format.
This is used to check the other table (publishlist), to see if the blog (ID) have already received the article before.

This is the amount of articles to grab, example: $limit = 4 will pull 4 articles.

Table: articles (table containing all articles)
id,title,body,category,keywords (each keyword in seperated by a comma “,”)

Table: publishlist (table contain data of which blogs have received what articles)

You will not have access to any test servers etc, you need this yourself.
You will get limited access to my database.
Need to be done in PHP.

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