Add Search Query & Add Paypal

Add Search Query & Add Paypal
Today, I have one very quick job that pays $100 just finishing off a very close to completed job search site. The site is PHP/MySQL and I’ll give you the address once I award the project.

The site already has “List Jobs by xxx” postings using different filters set up, so copying the existing List Jobs by Category search then changing it to List Jobs by Salary is a snap.

All I need is:
1. to add a “List Jobs by Salary” category (to appear under “List Jobs by Category”) and
2. to integrate a PayPal shopping cart for payments (add a small list of prices with add to cart buttons – not exactly ecommerce!).

The customers using the shopping cart are employers who pay a fee schedule when doing resume search and placing ads. The site is free for all job applicants.

I need this in 48 hours and will pay via PayPal. Please confirm you can do this by return.

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