Easy Php Image Upload/resize

Easy Php Image Upload/resize
I’m searching for a programmer who can create a easy multipleupload and resize script in php.
This script must resize and save my uploaded original photos to max 800px and create thumbnails to 150px.
After that he must save the photoname and thumbnailname in my DB.

Only jpg, gif and png are allowed.

the imagefolder is: “../images” and the thumbfolder is “../images/thumbs”.

My DB name is “test” and tablename is “pictures” with the fields id | picturename | thumbnailname

my form is:

< form method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data”>
File 1: < input type=”file” name=”imagefile1″><br>
File 2: < input type=”file” name=”imagefile2″><br>
File 3: < input type=”file” name=”imagefile3″><br>
File 4: < input type=”file” name=”imagefile4″><br>
File 5: < input type=”file” name=”imagefile5″><br>
< input name=”submit” type=”submit” value=”submit”>
</ form>

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