Api Integration Php Project

Api Integration Php Project
For your bid to be looked at please enter “APICODE” at the beginning of your response.

This should be a simple project for a good developer with experience with CodeIgniter, JQuery, PHP, and API’s.

We originally created this app for the desktop, but due to the fact that it crashes all the time, we want to create it for the web, in a web app.

Here’s a video that shows you how the program works.

A user enters in keyword(s), chooses the search engines to go out to (Google, Yahoo, Bing), chooses how many keywords per site they want to search for, and they press submit.

The program goes out using the API’s the user enters for their Google, Yahoo, Bing, Social Graph API, Compete API, Alexa API, and grabs the websites that rank on the search engines. Then using our whois api it grabs the whois data for the websites: name, address, city, state, etc. (the api does this automatically)

We then display this captured information one our website for the user to export to a csv or create a mail merge function to print out as a pdf.

PLEASE DO NOT BID if you do not have experience with PHP, Jquery, CodeIgniter, or integrating API’s.

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