Kick Ass Website Background

Kick Ass Website Background
My Site:

Site Info: Make of Simple Ajax, php, and html coding.

I need a kick ass website background on my site to match my site look and feel.

not sure what bg im really looking for but just to match the theme look and feel of my site that i created because i cant make good looking backgrounds

id like you to post your idea(s) in pm to help me choose a proggramer to do the project better

if i had an example of a bg kind of theme it would be more around the site and not all over the site like one thats like a suit on the template that only kinda flows around the sides of the site like 100-200px per side and goes down to only a certain height

Note: the banner and ad space both have transparence under it its a transparent png file so i dont want the bg to say go underneith the site but like on the sides of the site and if it goes on top maybe 5px on the top since the template is absolute 10 px from the top of each browser.

if i had an example of something like what im looking to achive it would be like: where the bg is around it but not the entire bg just like a cover on the template.

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