Help With Centos Server Move

Help With Centos Server Move
Hi there, thanks for looking at our project! PLEASE, do not bid unless you have read all of it … thanks.

We are looking for someone with lots of experience configuring CentOS / Apache servers. Here are the specifics:

My company has an auto classifieds website which runs out of a VPS (virtual private server) at a hosting company. We are moving our site to a dedicated server at the same company.

Although the hosting company’s staff has been helpful, the move has been tricky because:

– Our VPS contains 75+ scripts (mostly PHP, with some perl) which were developed by many different programmers over the last 10 years.

– Our VPS has many modules which these scripts require (netpbm, swftools, JRE, imagemagick, flex, html::tableextract, etc.)

– Because it’s not possible to simply “mirror” a VPS into a dedicated server, our hosting company has tried to build a dedicated server with the same “specs” as the VPS. However, because our VPS was imaged years ago, on the new server they have in some cases substituted newer versions of the modules that we use. This may be causing compatibiilty issues or even just things like different paths.

– The permissions on the files and directories are not all the same on the new dedicated server.

What we need is someone who is very experienced at this kind of thing, who will work with us to test, evaluate, and make sure that all scripts are working properly on the new server. Right now, about 60 of the 75 scripts are working fine on the new server, and 15 or so are having problems. All scripts work fine on the current (VPS) server.

I understand that this is a vague project description. I’m hoping that this will only take a day or two to sort out. If it turns out to take longer, we will adjust the payment accordingly.

In addition, if you can help us to get this done quickly and effectively, we may have further similar projects for you in the near future.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you.

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