Tutor Management System

Tutor Management System
We are a tutoring company and we required someone to build us a Tutor management System.

We need a control center made up of some sort of database.

Basically provide a page/system for:

-students to register
-tutors to register
-tutors to ligin and submit their tutoring hours
-main administration page
-tutor profile page that the tutor can login to and change info and submit hours
-sorting of data
-add up all the hours and calculate invoicing and paycheques every month based on wage and student rate

We have very detailed manual of what we need, the programmer can choose any language they want, and develop it any way they want as long as the specifications are met.

The deadline for this project is June 15th and there will be a bonus if compelted on time.

Plese indicate your resume, esperience, programming language of choice and anything else you can tell us about yourself.

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