Seo Mod For Cubecart 3

Seo Mod For Cubecart 3
Not even sure if this is possible

We have buuilt a site for a locksmith using cubecart 3

He services various postcodes and sub areas of a UK city.

Is there any way to code cubecart 3’s home page to include a search term in the meta title and meta description.


Web user searches for “Locksmith harehills leeds”
Title of page is “{usual meta title} + {Searched term}
Meta Description is {Searched term} + {usual meta title}


Web user searches for “Locksmith LS16 6BB”
Title of page is “{Searched term} in LS16 + {usual meta title}
Meta Description is {Searched term} in LS16 + {usual meta title}

Just to be clear we are talking about some kind of meta scripting rather than building multiple landing pages covering all the post codes or areas within his city.


We will expect all work in the script to be commented and a full list of edited files to be provided.

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