Flash Barometer & Calendar

Flash Barometer & Calendar

These will be incorporated into a Codeigniter website and you need to give instructions as to how integration.

1. Please view the flash barometer needed here ==>
http://www.retailsdirect.com/ViewGroupBargains.aspx (Bargain_Meter.swf)

Goal amount to appear at the top, and $0 on bottom.
(a) The water rises as sales or donation increases.
(b) Need to change the numbers on the barometer. For example, if sales goal is $100, then give option to enter desired increments. If donation is $250, we may want increments of $10.
(c) Need to have two different barometer shapes.
(d) Need to be able to change water color.

2. Calendar script as shown on that blocks out previous days and show exactly like the one shown in attachment, also visit http://www.delta.com.
(a) Calendar does not allow date selection of previous days.
(b) Show next 12 months in Go to month:, not the 12 months of current year. For example, we are in March, Go to month should show April 2010 to March 2011
(c) Show “Today is Dayofweek, Month Day, Year” for example Today is Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks for your attention.

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