E-commerce And Flash/flex App

E-commerce And Flash/flex App
Scriptlance Job Post

I am seeking an honest and professional development company. Bidders must have a very high feedback score and be able to show appropriate samples of their work. This is a Turnkey e-commerce solution that includes website design, shopping cart and a Flash/Flex greeting card creation application. All components must work seamlessly together to support the user from their arrival on the website through delivery of their greeting card to our print server.

Website Design
I am in need of a creative e-commerce website with a major emphasis on high conversion rates. Developer must have significant experience in ecommerce web design, social network marketing and must have strong skills in all areas of SEO.

Greeting Card Creation Application
This Application should be written in Flash/Flex. The application must be user friendly and very easy to use. Except for tweaking, all design work has been done. I have created very detailed screenshots of the design. This will make it quicker and less expensive to develop. I have attached a file showing the design. The successful bidder will get the complete screenshot series.

There will be a partially designed version and a custom version.

Partially Designed Version
This version is for customers that do not want to build the entire card. We will have cards that already have a Graphic Image and quote on the front and a quote on the inside left page. All the user would do is up-load a photo and add their names to the inside right page of the card.

Custom Designed Version
The custom version should be built in two sizes.
1. A 10”X”7” size that would become a 5”X7” folded card.
2. A 10”X8” size that would be one full page on each side. (No fold)

This application should allow the user to start from a blank template and have total creative control over the creation of their card. This functionality would include:
Users can upload 4-6MB Photos at 300DPI.

Users should have the ability to create custom text.

The application should include a robust photo editor and a rich text editor.

There should be a Backgrounds Library, a Graphics Library, a Quotes Library, and a Borders Library from which users can access files. All library content will be provided.

Ability to drag and drop and nudge: photos, graphics, text, borders, etc.

The user should be able to see the card in real time as it is being created.

The user should be able to place and resize a border from the Borders Library around a photo, graphic image, quote or custom text box.

There should be photoshop style rulers and guides that help users place items properly on the template.

I would need the appropriate software that would open the file (most likely a PDF) on my server and redirect it to my printer. I must be able to print the file at 300 dpi. I would also need a script written that would allow a user to design a multiple number of cards. For example, if a user wanted to create 5 different 8X10 cards they could set a counter at 5 and the script would create 5 separate 8”X10” templated cards.

The products created in all phases of this project must be mine alone. They must not be in violation of anyone’s copyright, license or other legal rights. I must have sole and complete ownership and use of these products as I will be copywriting them for my business. Your bid should include 8-months of technical support.

Now that you know what this job entails, there are two important areas that must be addressed. 1. I am only interested in doing business with companies that are willing to agree that the bid they submit is a firm bid not an estimate. If there is anything that is not extremely clear to you, please request clarification before you place your bid. 2. You are willing to accept payment through a Scriptlance Escrow Account and abide by the Scriptlance Escrow guidelines? These guidelines are that buyers, “Never pay anything up front. Always setup 100% Escrow for the project and release it once the work is done to your satisfaction at least on the programmer’s server if not yours.” I agree to follow these guidelines. I will deposit 100% of the agreed price into a secure Scriptlance Escrow Account when an agreement is reached.

I look forward to receiving proposals from honest, fair minded, professionals wishing to develop a long lasting business relationship.

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