Fix/improve Multi. Backgammon

Fix/improve Multi. Backgammon
Hello, my friend began creating the game backgammon for my website, there is no link to the game yet because it is not done, but it is pretty advanced.

Players who are registered on the website and logged in can play backgammon, search for a game automatically. There is a table in mysql that stores the player names that are searching game and matches them, the wins and losses are also recorded at the end of the game, there is also a chat in the game.

Though the backgammon game itself is not advanced enough, it was left undone. There are codes to add, improve etc.

The game is in .fla I think Flash CS3.

You also need to know PHP/MySQL well because the flash game communicates with PHP/MySQL and PHP is used for displaying the ladder statistics of the players on my website, but there are already codes for this for my other games so its basically copy paste.

Check out this link if you are interested also…

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